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Top 5 Stock Market Brokers In India. Best Stock Market Brokers of 2021.

In today's world being rich is not a big deal. But to invest and multiply that revenue is the main obstacle in today's world. There are several ways by which one can grow their wealth but the most effective way is stocks and real estate. Real estate is normal as we know, but what we don't know is the magic of stocks. To understand it assume that you own a business and it is a settled business. Now you want to grow it (as everyone wants to grow) you need money, and you don't have enough money to grow so what you do is list your company in the stock exchange where investors will give you money in exchange for some percentage of your business which is stocks. 

In all this, the most profitable person is an investor who only invests in the business or company and gets profit. But one should invest in potential businesses and companies. In India, the number of people investing in stocks is very less due to misunderstanding and not having proper knowledge of investing. In the US almost 50% of people invest in stocks which makes the economy stronger. Although people want to invest every one cannot afford to get knowledge of the stock market. Here comes a broker who invests your money in the market and takes a percentage for it. The broker is a skilled person or firm which analyzes, researches, and chooses the best stocks to invest in. 

We cannot directly invest in the stock market we would need a broker through which we will buy stocks. Here is the list of some best brokers which help you to invest with minimal charges. 

1. Angel one

Angel broking limited which serves under the name of Angel one. It was started in 1996 by Dinesh Thakkar. This stockbroker firm is a member of both BSE AND NSE. It has more than 8000 sub-brokers. Franchise outlets in more than 900 cities in India. It was first started as a private limited company but later it was incorporated as a wealth management company. With its excellent service and customer support, angel one ( angel broking) has been awarded many times. Angel one not only invests in stocks but also in house and insurance services. Recently it has opened an online service for investors. 

2. OctaFX

Founded in 2011, OctaFX was established in Europe and later gets worldwide. This broker trades in foreign currency exchange which has a high risk. It has great services like deposits and withdrawal of funds and customers support. OctaFX has over 6.6 million active trading accounts. It doesn't charge any commission on deposits and withdrawals. Over time it has been awarded on behalf of its excellent services. 

3. Groww

Groww is a great online platform for investing. Started by former employees of Flipkart in 2016. Lalit Kishore, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, and Neeraj Singh started to grow as a mutual fund investing platform. After four years of experience in mutual funds investing it stepped into stockbroking services in 2020. In just 5 years the company has a valuation of 1 billion dollars. In just one year of stockbroking service, it has offered customers top quality of service which has made grow a potential competitor for other brokerage firms. The company runs many advertisements for the growth of the company. 

4. Upstox

Upstox limited which was established in 2010 is owned by the Tata group. It has been backed by industrialist Ratan Tata. Upstox is a member of SEBI, BSE, NSE, AND CSDL. It has a headquarter in New Delhi. The online business model helps the business to offer low-cost brokerage plans to customers. It is available as both web and application on Android and iOS either. It offers to invest through stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, and FPOs. The platform reached a total of 10 million customers in March of 2020. It may touch the valuation of 3 billion dollars in the round of funding. 

5. Zerodha

Zerodha broking limited is founded in 2010 is the largest broking firm in the case of active customers. Zerodha not only deals with stock but also commodities, bonds, mutual funds, and currencies. In 2020 it became a unicorn by touching the valuation of 1 billion dollars. 15% of daily trading volume is done by Zerodha in all Indian exchanges. In the current situation, Zerodha dominates the stock brokerage market in India.

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