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What is Cloud Hosting? Best Cloud Hosting Providers in India 2021

Cloud Hosting is the set of large virtual and physical servers working together for processing websites and applications. Earlier the websites and applications were processed on a single server which leads to many issues like speed, security, backup and etc.

Cloud Hosting works very fast and smoothly than traditional servers. Cloud Hosting has multiple machines running on different servers working for one.

Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

1. As the old hostings were managed and run by only a single server and also in some cases that server is shared is a different group of customers so in case if there is any issue in the server it may cause downtime. Sometimes due to heavy load by someone affects the processing capacity of other people's hosting which are using the same server. And in Cloud Hosting as a dedicated group of different servers are allotted to a single user so if there is an issue it has back of many other servers which prevent downtime and also the processing is faster.

2. Also in cloud hosting you get a large variety of advanced computing resources to use and to run powerful applications but if you don't need that when you are able to pay for whatever you are consuming. So it's costly but efficient.

3. Cloud Hosting is strong in security and data protection. They are very much capable of preventing data theft attacks.

4. Also cloud hosting is able to manage heavy workloads or heavy traffic spikes and also process huge real-time requests.

Types of Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud
Private Cloud is a cloud infrastructure allotted to a single consumer and is not shared with any other organization or individual. The best advantage of a private cloud is that you get full control over the machines and also you are the only one to operate them. On the other end, you also get strong security support. Whatever data is stored is all yours and no other has access to it. Also as it is private and only for you it's more costly than other clouds.

Public Cloud
In a public cloud, the infrastructure is the same as private like the computing resources are deployed over different servers and processed. But that infrastructure is being used by multiple users. Sometimes it may cause security concerns but all over efficient for budget users.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers In India

1. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is one of the best cloud service providers. It has a huge computing infrastructure. Google Cloud provides  IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services. For best results, as speed and security Mumbai and Singapore servers are best for India. 

2. kinsta

Kinsta is also very well known for its Cloud computing services. Kinsta has its servers in  Mumbai and Delhi so the speed is more effective and also the service is cheaper. Kinsta has also a good customer support team.

3. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one the best Cloud hosting providers when it comes to being financially effective. You can get started with just 5$. Digital Ocean has developed its infrastructure in some past years. You are very strong at security and data protection. The computing resources are very powerful.

Digital Ocean is likely to open a data center in Banglore. So maybe the prices should be getting cheaper in the future for India.

So here we are finished with some best cloud hosting providers in India and a brief introduction to Cloud Hosting and its advantages.